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One of the most popular casino games of luck and skill combined is blackjack. Playing a blackjack variant with a good strategy puts you in a favorable position of boosting your bankroll. Therefore, before playing blackjack for real money you should be familiar with the various blackjack variants and know their basic features.

The following page summarizes all Playtech blackjack variations along with their features and rules. We also give you a list of trustworthy and secure casinos where you can play blackjack games from this reputable software provider.

Blackjack Games

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    Perfect Blackjack
    Perfect Blackjack
    Double Attack Blackjack
    Double Attack Blackjack
    Blackjack Surrender
    Blackjack Surrender
    21 Duel Blackjack
    21 Duel Blackjack
    Progressive Blackjack
    Progressive Blackjack

Playtech Blackjack Game Stats

What follows is a table of all Playtech blackjack games available online.
15 blackjack games including live dealer.
  • $3200 Match Bonus
Blackjack GamesBJ PaysSoft 17# SplitsResplit AcesSurrenderRTP# Decks
Blackjack 1.5 Stand 1 No No 99.57% 6
Double Attack BJ 1.0 Stand 4 No Yes 99.38% 8
Progressive BJ 1.5 Stand 1 No No 99.57% 6
BJ Super 21 1.0 Stand 1 No No 99.57% 6
Blackjack UK 1.5 Stand 4 No No 99.47% 6
American BJ 1.5 Stand 1 No No 99.57% 6
Multi Player BJ 1.5 Stand 1 No No 99.57% 6
Perfect BJ 1.5 Stand 1 No No 99.57% 6
Blackjack Switch 1.0 Hit 1 No No 99.86% 6
Blackjack Surrender 1.5 Stand 1 No Yes 99.65% 6
Multi Player BJ Surrender 1.5 Stand 1 No Yes 99.65% 6
21 Duel Blackjack / Stand / / No 98.38% 6
Pontoon 2.0 Hit 1 Yes No 99.68% 8
Lucky Blackjack 1.2 Stand 1 No No 80% 1
Blackjack Pro 1.5 Hit 1 Yes No 99.56% 1

Blackjack Game Features

The following is an explanation of the most basic features of each blackjack game.

  1. Blackjack
    This is the main blackjack game with standard blackjack rules and game play. It is played with 6 decks, late surrender and re-splitting Aces is not allowed and the dealer stands on soft 17.
  2. Double Attack Blackjack
    With eight decks, in this game the dealer peeks for blackjack and players can re-spilt up to 4 hands. There is a lot of rising in this variant. The Bust It bet is also allowed.
  3. Progressive Blackjack
    This variation follows standard BJ rules, but it adds a side bet or a progressive bet which counts toward winning the Big One.
  4. Blackjack Super 21
    In this game blackjack pays even money and the dealer stands on all 17s. Insurance pays 2 to 1.
  5. Blackjack UK
    A notable feature is this blackjack variant is that players can split up to 4 hands. Otherwise, standard rules apply.
  6. American Blackjack
    The game is played with six decks, late surrender is not allowed and the dealer never peeks for blackjack. The rule Ten-card Charlie is accepted.
  7. Multi Player Blackjack
    Standard blackjack rules apply. The difference is in the multi player format.
  8. Perfect Blackjack
    This variation is basically the same as American Blackjack in terms of rules and game play.
  9. Blackjack Switch
    Here the dealer can hit a soft 17 and switched blackjack is an immediate winner. The Super Match bet is also allowed.
  10. Blackjack Surrender
    In this variant the dealer always peeks for blackjack and late surrender is allowed. A hand of 7 cards that hasn’t busted automatically wins (the Seven-card Charlie rule).
  11. Multi Player Blackjack Surrender
    It follows the same rules as single player BJ Surrender; the difference is that it is multi player.
  12. 21 Duel Blackjack
    This is an unusual BJ game To play it, players combine one or two of their cards with one of the two communal cards. The dealer’s qualifying hand is 13 or better. There is a 2 Up Side bet which pays 20 to 1 for any three of a kind and 3 to 1 for any pair.
  13. Pontoon
    In this variant players can re-split Aces and the dealer always hits a soft 17. It is played with a max of 8 decks.
  14. Lucky Blackjack
    The dealer stands on soft 17 and is played with one deck only. The most favorable bet is on an 18 which pays 6 to 1and has a house edge of 3.36%.
  15. Blackjack Pro
    This game is played with one deck and the dealer always peeks for blackjack. The rule Seven-card Charlie is allowed.
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