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Perfect Blackjack

Perfect Blackjack is another version of Playtech’s regular blackjack game. Another such variant is American Blackjack. This game has all the features of the regular blackjack game from Playtech and allows players a good shot at winning. All they need is the right strategy to follow up on the hands they get. Players can insure their bets if they see an ace in the dealer’s hand.

Perfect Blackjack is played with 6 regular card decks, like other regular blackjack variants from Playtech. Once the wagers have been placed, the dealer deals out 4 cards, 2 face-up to the player and 2 to himself, one face-up and the second hidden. As this is a regular blackjack game there are no side bets on offer, though players have the option of doubling down if they see a good hand or are looking to score a bigger win. Perfect Blackjack follows all the rules that apply to a standard blackjack game.

When a player plays Perfect Blackjack, the objective is to win. There are three-four ways a player can win:

  • By hitting blackjack
  • By getting a hand that adds up to 21
  • By getting a hand higher than the dealer’s

How to Play

Most Playtech casinos that offer Perfect Blackjack allow players to play for real money as well as for fun. When it comes to real money play, the first step is to place a wager. Players can do this by clicking the specific chip amount they want to wager. The minimum bet in this game is 1 and the maximum is 300.

The next step is the dealing of the cards by the dealer. The player gets 2 face-up cards, while the dealer gets the first card face-up and the second card face-down. Players have the option of doubling their bets. If they have a hand of 17 or higher, the casino software throws up a prompt asking if the player actually wants to hit with a score of 17. If the player chooses yes another card is dealt. The result is declared once the total value of the player’s cards and the dealer’s cards is tallied.

Once the first two cards have been dealt, the player has the option of hitting – by clicking the Hit button – or standing. To stand the player must click the Stand button. If he has a weak hand initially, hitting is a good option as it can give him another card that makes the hand stronger. Standing is a good option if the initial hand is good enough; say a 10 and a Jack, which adds up to 20. In case the dealer’s hand and player’s hand values are equal, the Push feature comes into play. The player can win directly if he scores blackjack or 21 in his opening hand.

If the player sees an ace in the dealer’s hand he gets the option of insuring his bet. The player can also split a player or double down. Both these options require additional bets to be placed. Players can also surrender a game if his hand is weak. This game does not allow re-splitting. If a player gets 10 cards in a hand, he automatically wins; this is called a 10-card Charlie.

Doubling down is an interesting feature. Players can double after a split. Two situations make for interesting play:

  • A player doubles his bet against the dealer when the dealer has an ace, and the dealer then goes on to make blackjack. In this situation the player loses all the money wagered, including the amount for doubling.
  • A player doubles his bet against the dealer when the dealer has a 10, and the dealer makes blackjack. In this situation the player loses only the original amount wagered.

The split is another feature that makes for interesting play. Players can split pairs, but re-splitting is not allowed. In this situation the player can add more than one card to his hand – as many as needed actually. If the player splits an ace, he gets just one more card in his hand. Splitting an ace and getting a 10 then makes for 21, not blackjack, in Perfect Blackjack.

Coming to payouts, blackjack pays out 3:2, while a regular win pays out 1:1. An insurance bet pays out 2:1. In the event you use insurance – which is given to you of the dealer has an ace – and the dealer does not get blackjack, you lose the amount paid towards the insurance bet. This happens in the event you end up losing the hand as well.

The Dealer

  • The dealer is required to stand on a hand of 17
  • The dealer draws on a hand lower than 17
  • The dealer does not check for blackjack in Perfect Blackjack

How to Win

To win, a player has to:

  • Get a blackjack hand or a hand that adds up to 21
  • Get a hand higher than the dealer’s hand
  • Get a decent hand and ensure the dealer goes bust

The Game Rules

  • This game is played with 6 regular card decks
  • The dealer deals 4 cards at the beginning of a hand
  • Dealer stands on 17
  • Player has the option of doubling after splitting a pair
  • Player cannot re-split a hand
  • Player is not allowed to surrender late
  • If a player splits aces, he gets only one additional card
  • Player has the option of using insurance if the dealer’s hand has an ace
  • 10-card Charlie is operational

How to Play and Some Basic Tips

Perfect Blackjack is fun just like any other regular blackjack variant. Players have a good shot at winning provided they get their game strategy right. The insurance cover provided in specific situations ensures players have a shot at a 2:1 payout. Also, the dealer does not check for blackjack, which is an advantage to the player. All the usual features of a blackjack game, like hitting, standing, doubling, splitting, and surrendering are available to the player.

The best way to win is to ensure the player gets a hand of 21 or blackjack; alternately the player has to ensure he has a better hand than the dealer. For this to happen, knowing when to use the right call is critical. Hitting at the right time may result in a win, while sometimes the right thing to do may be to stand.

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