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From time to time online casino players want to try out a new game which is simple and easy to play and creates instant results. This is where arcade, casual or instant win casino games come in handy. They are very easy to understand, fast to play and generate instant results. They can be bingo or lottery style games, mini versions of the popular classics and so on. The best part is that these games can be loaded alongside another active game.

If you are interested in playing casual and mini online casino games, check out the ones we have listed from Playtech software provider. Scratch cards are excluded. There is a separate page for them.

Games By Type

  • Casual Games

    Genies Hi Lo
    Genies Hi Lo
  • Scratch Cards

    Thor Scratch Card
    Thor Scratch Card
    Rocky Scratch Card
    Rocky Scratch Card
    Medusa Scratch Card
    Medusa Scratch Card
    Gladiator Scratch Card
    Gladiator Scratch Card
    Elektra Scratch Card
    Elektra Scratch Card
    A Night Out Scratch Card
    A Night Out Scratch Card

Playtech Arcade Games List

The following is a brief description of the casual and mini games find under the Arcade category at most Playtech casinos:
Offers all of Playtech's arcade games and scratch cards.
  • $3200 Match Bonus
  1. Keno
    Select between 2 and 10 numbers and wait till you see if the called numbers match with the ones you have picked.
  2. Cash Box
    A retro arcade game, the objective is to make as many complete lines as possible, formed by blocks that fall down.
  3. Wheel of Light
    A roulette style game, the aim is to predict the number that the pointer will stop on.
  4. Medusa’s Gaze
    A four reel soft slot game, the task is to make winning combinations of tiles on any of the twelve win lines.
  5. Mini Roulette
    Similar to standard roulette regarding game play, this version has a wheel that consists of numbers 1 through 12 colored in red or black. There is also one blue zero.
  6. Around the World
    Categorized under Keno and numbers game type, the objective in this game is to predict if the upcoming number will be higher or lower total than the previous one.
  7. Rubiks Riches
    A three dimensional game, the goal is to get as many lines or faces of the cube as possible.
  8. Derby Day
    Derby Day is a horse betting casual game with several betting options.
  9. Dice Twister
    In this game you bet on the outcome of three dice rolls. A couple of bets are possible.
  10. Pop Bingo
    In this bingo style game you win a payout based on the number of balls required to fill your bingo card.
  11. Penalty Shootout
    The aim of this sports themed game is to try to make a goal behind the notorious goal keeper.
  12. Genies Hi Lo
    The goal in this guessing game is to try and predict the next card. There is also a progressive jackpot version of the game.
  13. Pock Paper Scissors
    This well known game is played by choosing your bet and picking rock, paper or scissors.
  14. Jackpot Darts
    This is a progressive jackpot arcade game and the objective is to closely predict where the automatically thrown darts will land.
  15. Mega Ball
    In this eight-games-in-one arcade game six balls are drawn every minute and winning combos are determined. You can play a single betting strategy or up to ten at a time.
  16. Roller Coaster Dice
    In this game you try to predict whether the next dice roll will be higher, lower or the same in value.
  17. Bonus Bowling
    Another spots themed game, the goal is to predict the result of a bowl throw.
  18. Frankie’s Fantastic 7
    Your task in this game is to try to guess the result of a horse race between 7 horses.

Casual and Mini Games by RTP

What follows is a table of the Return to Player percentages of the casual and mini games from this online casino software provider.

GameTheoretical Return To Player (RTP) Percentage


The theoretical RTP in this game depends on how many numbers are picked. The highest (92.96%) is for picking three numbers.

Cash Box


Wheel of Light

Approximate RTP is 96.77%. It varies across bet types.

Medusa’s Gaze


Mini Roulette


Frankie’s Fantastic 7

The maximum theoretical RTP is 92.18% and the minimum is 91.34%.

Around the World


Rubiks Riches


Derby Day


Dice Twister


Pop Bingo


Penalty Shootout

The Upper Left and the Upper Right bet types have the highest percentage of 97.20%.

Genies Hi Lo

Lower Red and Lower Black bet types have the highest RTP of 96.47%.

Pock Paper Scissors


Jackpot Darts


Mega Ball

The RTP depends on the bet type. It is approximately 95%.

Roller Coaster Dice


Bonus Bowling

A spare bet has the highest RTP of 96.93%.

Heads or Tails



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