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Genies Hi Lo

About The Game

Genie Hi Lo is a game of card prediction from Playtech. There is a classic and jackpot version with the latter obviously being more lucrative in terms of payouts. Genies Hi Lo jackpot is played with a deck of 53 cards that includes a joker. After placing a wager and selecting one of the genie’s cards, a player must make one of four predictions on the color and rank of the next card. It’s a simple game, but that’s what casual games are also about.

How to Play Genies Hi Lo Jackpot

As mentioned earlier, the objective of this specialty game is to predict the next card held by Genie.

To begin, choose the amount you wish to wager and confirm the bet.

Pick a card from among the choices that appear on the screen. You must predict whether the next card is lower or equal or higher or equal.

Choose the Red icon if you think the next card is Red or alternatively on the Black icon.

If you predict correctly you advance to the next level and continue playing in the same way until your prediction is wrong.

At the end of the game your winnings are calculated based on the highest level attained according to the pay table.

In the game, Aces are valued the lowest while the Joker sends you automatically to the next level.

$5 is the minimum bet required for the full jackpot. If you reach the 12th level with a bet lesser than $, the jackpot share will be calculated on a pro-rata basis.

How To Win

Playtech Genies Hi Lo Jackpot needn’t be a difficult casual game to crack.

Make sure to pick the opposite of the card color you have.

Pick a higher card if you have a six or less.

Go for a lower card if you have an eight or more.

Take a shot at a higher or lower card if you have a seven, the chances of winning or losing are even steven at this stage.

Speaking of chances, you have a 27/52 chances of predicting the right card if you choose the color opposite of the card visible.

There is a 0.000042 probability of cracking the jackpot at Level 12.

Progressive Jackpot

The highlight of Genies Hi Lo Jackpot casual game is the progressive jackpot where a small percentage of each bet is added to the prize pool. Currently, the jackpot has paid an average of $11,864 per win with a winner being declared at least once a year.

Game Rules

Genies Hi Lo Jackpot is played with a deck of 53 cards that includes a joker. Like poker, the cards are ranked with Aces having the lowest value. The 12th level is the highest level that can be reached and results in the jackpot. Players must continue playing until they predict incorrectly or reach Level 12. The full jackpot can only be won on minimum wagers of $5 or else the winnings will be determined on a pro rata basis.

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