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About Playtech Megaball

Online casinos nowadays have a fairly large selection of arcade and lottery-style games, and also a good collection of progressive jackpots. While most progressive jackpots are from the slots community, there are a few that are unique and different. They are arcade games with a progressive jackpot attached to them; and one such game that is quite popular among players today is Megaball from Playtech.

Many call Megaball an arcade game with a lottery-like feel. It is more a number-predicting game with quite a few things going on within it. The variety within the game, along with the fact that there is a progressive jackpot attached to it, makes it a fascinating experience for players playing it. The game has some fascinating graphics and eye-catching animation that makes it a big draw among fans today. Players can customize the game as well, in terms of the game settings, audio settings, and general settings. Not only that, they can track their history as well here.

How to Play Megaball

Playing Megaball from Playtech is fun and interesting. The game is a combination of 8 different arcade style games that involve counting. At the end of every 60 seconds a new game gets into motion. The games involved are:

  • Jackpot: Available only in real money mode
  • Colors: Choose a color and predict the number of balls that will be of that color during the game.
  • Cocktail: Choose one of two cocktails, and then pick the number of balls of different colors that will be there in the game.
  • Sixth: Predicting the color of the 6th ball in a grid.
  • Steps: Choosing whether the next ball is higher or lower than the previous ball.
  • Numbers: Choose up to 4 balls from the grid and see if their colors and numbers match the balls dropping into the space at the top.
  • First & Last: Choose if the first ball is higher than the last or the other way round.
  • Total: Predict the grand total of the numbers on the 6 balls that drop into the space at the top.

Players need to select one of these games. The next step is to select the bet amount and also the number of games you would like to place this bet amount. Once you have done this, click the Confirm button. The analog-digital clock is inevitably ticking at the top of the screen, and the new game launches the moment 60 seconds are up.

How to Win

  • The first step is to choose which of the 8 games a player wants to play.
  • Click the game in question and then select the bet amount and also the number of games you would like to place this bet in.
  • Choose the correct coin denomination for the bet. The coin denomination ranges from a low of 0.10 to a high of 5.
  • The different kinds of wagers available for the individual games include:
    • Jackpot bet
    • Colors bet
    • Sixth Ball bet
    • Steps bet
    • Total Sum bet
    • Cocktail bet
    • First and Last Ball bet
    • Numbers bet

Jackpot Information

For the jackpot to trigger, a player needs to pick 5 balls, all of which must be among the 6 balls that pop out in the game. This is what makes the game more like a lottery, but with a completely different approach.

Game Rules

The rules governing Megaball are simple and have been mentioned earlier. This is a luck-based game, so strategy does not have too much place here in terms of game play. Strategy can be used in terms of the kind of bets a player wants to make. If a player is looking for bigger payouts, it may be good to have medium to big bets thrown in at intervals while playing this game.

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