Playtech to be Integrated at All UK Grosvenor Properties

Playtech to be Integrated at All UK Grosvenor Properties

Playtech and the Rank Group have agreed to an extension of their current casino management deal. In the new agreement, Playtech will be integrated at all UK Grosvenor properties.

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Grosvenor to Add Neon Slots and Neon Tables

The 54 UK Grosvenor casino properties will be including the full integration for slot and table management systems from Playtech. The gaming software provider offers a top quality omni-channel solution using the Playtech ONE software.

Last year, after the initial agreement between Playtech and the Rank Group, the Neon system was installed at all 54 UK Grosvenor casinos. Neon was designed by IGS, a subsidiary of Playtech. To date, Neon has been used to manage player tracking data, and to assist with responsible gaming, guest relations, security, and to help detect money laundering. In addition to this, a business intelligence platform, Neon Analytics, has been used by management teams.

The new agreement will have Playtech install the Neon Slots system that will be used to manage the Grosvenor electronic gaming machines, and the Neon Tables iPad application that will be used to manage table games. Grosvenor UK has 3,000 electronic gaming machines, and 650 gaming tables.

Playtech is already a leader in the gaming industry, and this enhanced agreement with the Rank Group, a significant player in the industry, will strengthen the company’s position.

Grosvenor and Playtech Comment on the New Deal

”Rank is the largest casino operator in the UK, and one of the most technically innovative in the world,” said Martin Sykes, the Managing Director of Playtech Retail’s subsidiary, Intelligent Gaming.

Sykes noted: “I am positive that no other system supplier could have achieved what we did in 2016. We developed new features, optimised Neon for deployment in the Cloud, provided numerous integrations and supported the transition from the legacy systems, keeping dataq in step as we implemented the 54 sites.”

Grosvenor Casinos Director of Finance, Richard Playle, commented on the new agreement: “The project to replace our management systems was very successful. We worked as a team to address a wide range of technical challenges and business innovations and have successfully rolled out a system which is performing well across the estate, and meeting our business and technical goals.”

Playle noted that the current deal will help Grosvenor to complete the modernisation of its systems. The company will be able to offer an enhanced gaming experience and will be able to offer its customers a single wallet across all platforms.

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