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Marvel Roulette


For roulette lovers who are Marvel Comics fans, Playtech has just the game in the form of Marvel Roulette. This is a variant of the standard game of roulette that is guaranteed to have players glued to their seats. Marvel Roulette basically follows the game pattern of European roulette and uses a single 0. The game has all the standard features of roulette, with two important inclusions – the Marvel bonus and Marvel Mystery Jackpot. These features add huge value to the game not just in terms of excitement but also win potential.

Why Play Playtech Marvel Roulette

There are many reasons for playing Playtech’s Marvel Roulette. There are the two unique features – the Marvel Bonus and the Marvel Mystery Jackpot. Besides, the game boasts of a lower house edge – 2.70% – compared to American roulette game variants as it follows European roulette. The single 0 increases the player’s chances of winning as against having an additional 0 value (the 00 seen in American roulette). Apart from the two unique bonuses, all other regular roulette bets are available in this game. That is not all; the table as well as the wheel has a special slot, labeled Marvel Bonus. The Marvel Bonus gets triggered if the ball lands on this slot after a spin. Players can also double their bets when they play Marvel Roulette.

The game comes with high quality graphics and cool animations. The images of the Marvel superheroes on the screen add to the fantastic look and feel. The subtle highlighting of the number slots as the player rolls the mouse over them gives the game a classy feel. Players can place all the regular bets associated with a game of European roulette when they play this game.

Game Rules and Tips

The rules for Marvel Roulette are the same as those for a regular game of roulette from Playtech. Players can learn the rules online or by playing the game for free online. Once a player has learned the game he can start off playing for real money, by betting small amounts, so he doesn’t lose too much and wins some as well. This gives him an idea about how real money play works, and is a good testing ground to fine tune his strategy and get ready for the big leagues.

How to Play Marvel Roulette

Anyone looking to play Marvel Roulette for real money must first place their bets. Players can place their bets by clicking the chip denominations corresponding to their wager amount and placing them on those areas of the table they want covered through the wager. The minimum chip denomination for a spot is 0.01 and the maximum is 25. Players can place a maximum bet of 200 per spot for the number spots. The maximum bet per spot varies for the larger bets:

  • Split bet: 400
  • Street bet: 600
  • Corner/Four bet: 800
  • Line bet: 1200
  • Column Dozen bet: 2000
  • 1-18/19-36/Red Black/Even Odd: 4000

After placing their bets, players hit the Spin button to start the game. Once the ball stops at a particular number on the wheel, the winning bets are paid out and the next hand is on. Players can track the history of the numbers they have hit on the billboard at the right of the screen. If the plastic ball lands on the Marvel Bonus slot and it has been covered on the table the Marvel Bonus round begins.

The Marvel Bonus triggers a 3-reel slot game. The bet for this game is the same bet that the player placed on the Marvel position during the main game. During this round, the player must try to get three identical Marvel symbols across the reels to get three free spins. The reels use eight Marvel superheroes as symbols. All of these superheroes are featured in the Marvel slots from Playtech – The Incredible Hulk, X-Men, Spiderman, Thor the Mighty Avenger, Ghost Rider, Iron Man, Captain America, and Fantastic Four. Players are guaranteed a win when they land up in this round.

The second cool feature in Marvel Roulette is the Marvel Mystery Jackpot round. This is the same progressive jackpot that you come across in all the Marvel slots from Playtech. This jackpot can be triggered randomly at the end of a spin of the wheel. There is no constraint in terms of bet size or even payout for triggering this jackpot game: it can be triggered even if the player doesn’t get a payout on a spin. Triggering this game means the player is guaranteed a win in one of the four progressive jackpots on offer:

  • Power Jackpot (Resets at 50 credits)
  • Extra Power Jackpot (Resets at 500 credits)
  • Super Power Jackpot (Resets at 5000 credits)
  • Ultimate Power Jackpot (Resets at 100,000 credits)

Players can tweak quite a few things during the course of a game of Marvel Roulette. They can save their favorite bets – up to four of them. They can also check game stats by clicking the bar graph button at the bottom right of the screen. Clicking the Direction button at the top left of the screen allows them to tweak the direction in which the wheel spins. They can check for more bets by clicking the More Bets icon at the left just above the Marvel Bonus slot or the More Bets button at the bottom right of the screen. Players also have the option of customizing the audio and game settings.

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