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Premium American Roulette

American Roulette is not considered the most preferred form of roulette because of the presence of the 00, the additional number slot, which tilts the house edge higher in favor of the casino. Even then, there are quite a few people who prefer this game over its more popular counterpart, European roulette. A very good variant of American roulette that Playtech brings to players is Premium American Roulette. All the standard rules applicable to American rule come into play in this game, but this game is sleeker, nicer, and has more features than the original American Roulette game from Playtech.

Why Play Playtech Premium American Roulette

Playtech’s Premium American Roulette comes with the additional 00 slot, which means a total of 38 number slots in all. The game itself may have a higher house edge (5.26%) than European Roulette (2.70%), but the additional features directed at the player make this a game worth playing. These include the ability to chat with other players when playing in multi-player mode, a customizable interface, and more. In this game, players can place all the regular bets available when it comes to American roulette. Players also have the option of doubling their bets while playing Premium American Roulette.

Premium American Roulette boasts of high quality graphics and superb animations, as mentioned earlier. The table looks smooth and gives you the feel of actually playing at a casino. The wheel itself can be seen in 2 views:

  • View 1: Seen at the left of the table, spinning slowly, and is part of the main interface
  • View 2: Seen in close-up and pops up and shows up once the plastic ball has stopped spinning and stopped at a particular number. This view shows this particular number in close-up.

Game Rules and Tips

The rules applicable to American roulette apply to Premium American Roulette as well. Players can learn about the rules by reading online or even better, playing the game for free online. Once the player has learned the game thoroughly, he can start playing for real money. A good tip is to start playing with small bet amounts to get used to the idea of spending his money and playing and also to get the strategy angle sorted out.

How to Play Premium American Roulette

The first step to playing Premium American Roulette is placing the bets. Players select the appropriate chip (so it corresponds to the bet amount he has in mind) and place it at the different locations on the table. The minimum coin denomination for this game is 0.01 and the maximum is 25. The maximum bet per point on the table varies from one point to another.

Once the bets have been placed, the player clicks the Spin button to spin the wheel. The plastic ball starts spinning and finally stops at one of the numbers. The winning bets are automatically paid out. Players also have the option of doubling their bet before spinning the wheel.

Premium American Roulette is a great game because it allows for a lot of customization. Players can change the table view by clicking the camera button at the top left of the screen. Clicking the second button at the top left can change the color of the table; the colors available are red, blue, and green. Clicking the Direction icon, the third icon in the list at the top left allows the player to change the direction in which the wheel is spinning.

Players can also save 4 of their favorite bets in the Favorite Bets section at the bottom right. Clicking the bar graph icon at the bottom right gives them a view of the statistics related to the game. The History billboard at the right of the screen lists the numbers that the ball has stopped on – both hot and cold numbers. That is not all; players can also click the Details box at the top center of the screen for details on the table bets and their associated payouts. The Double button at the bottom center of the screen allows players to double their bet, while the Clear Bets button clears all the bets on the table.

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