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Beach Life

About Beach Life

Beach life has become one of the biggest and most popular slot machine games in the online casino scene. One of the reasons for its popularity is because of the large progressive jackpot attached to it. The slot has a theme based on a beach resort and is bright and has a lot of colors, with several icons representing the theme.

Designed by Playtech software, Beach Life has 20 pay lines and 5 slot reels, which means that the players have control over the amount they bet per line.

Read more to find out how the game works, its payouts, and also soak in some tips on how to maximize your chances of winning.

How to play Beach Life

The objective of this game isn't just to match symbols from left to right across the different active pay lines like any other slots. Players can win big by making matches with the different type of special symbols that have a high value attached to them.

There are different types of symbols in this game that have a value attached to them. Symbols with higher values fetch more points to the player include, a scuba diver, babe on the beach and a surfer. Lower value symbols include food items like popsicles, an ice cream, a lollipop and some other summer treats.

There is a special scatter symbol represented by a sandcastle. If the player manages to hit two or more sandcastles, he can win a prize that's multiple the amount wagered on the spin. By hitting 3 sandcastles you can get a total of 300 times the original bet.

The sun is another important symbol in this game. If you can manage to hit 5 sun symbols, you will win the biggest prize which is the progressive jackpot.

Payout table

Symbol name2 symbols3 symbols4 symbols5 symbols
Sun 10 200 2000 Jackpot
Sun (without max bet) 10 200 2000 100,000
Diver 5 40 150 500
Sun bathing 2 25 100 400
Surfer 1 20 70 200
Orange ice cream - 15 50 150
Blueberry ice cream - 10 40 125
Strawberry ice cream - 10 30 100
Cherry ice cream - 5 20 75
Lime ice cream - 5 15 50
Scatter 2x 5x 50x 500x

Bonus round or gamble feature

There is a bonus round in the game that can be activated by hitting 3 or more treasure chest symbols on the same active pay-line. The player will then be taken to another screen that has 14 treasure chests displayed on it. Each chest has a prize attached to it and the player will have to pick 3 different chests. The prize money is revealed after this and is added to your winnings at the end of the bonus round.

Expert tips

  • Selecting more pay-lines increases the chances of winning.
  • The only way to get the entire progressive jackpot is to hit 5 sun symbols at once
  • Remember, you can only win the progressive jackpot by collecting the 5 sun symbols if you have placed a maximum bet. These are standard progressive jackpot rules that are applicable at almost all casinos.

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