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Diamond Valley

About Diamond Valley

Diamond Valley is a progressive jackpot slot machine innovated by none other than the slot machine connoisseurs themselves – Playtech! Like all of their other online slot machines, Diamond Valley has soared to the top of the charts in terms of popularity and has now established itself as one of the crowd favorites. If you are familiar with traditional real life slot machines or online virtual slot machines, you probably know that three reeled slot machines are the most common, however, Diamond Valley is a five reel machine, in fact, not only does it have five reels (vertical columns) but also has five lines (horizontal rows). The fact that it has five reels and five lines makes it a very profitable slot machine to spend your time on, it is simply better than three reeled machines because it provides exponentially more winning combinations which essentially means that the odds that you are going to make big bucks are much better than in three reeled machines.  

How to play Diamond Valley

Playing Diamond Valley is no rocket science! A little bit of trial and error and you should be well versed with all of the functionality. Credit to Playtech for innovating such new-age, wonderful looking slot machines that are designed with all types of players in mind and caters even to the not so technologically savvy kinds. Getting to the point, all you need to do to play and win is simply choose the number of paylines (these maybe horizontal, vertical, and diagonal) that you want to place a wager on by using the button labeled “Bet One”. If you want to go big and select all lines at once (which is a real good strategy if you ask the experts) all you need to do is click on the button labeled “Bet Max”. After having made your selections, you may now go ahead and hit “Spin” and cross your fingers and let the ride begin. Active paylines are represented by obvious, bold, distinguishable lines running through them (it is humanly impossible to miss these) and every time you get a combination on one of these active paylines, it is payday!

Payout table

How much you are going to win depends on which symbols are on the screen when the reel stops spinning.

Below is a table that outlines the pay scale. As you will see,the names of the symbols (in the table) are pretty self – explanatory.

Bonus round or gamble feature               

The progressive jackpot qualifies as “Bonus” in Diamond Valley. How do you enter the bonus mode? It is simple - you go big or go home! All you need to do to qualify is bet the maximum, which is five coins every spin which is essentially one coin for every payline.

A fraction of every bet that every player around the world makes on every spin and on every payline is contributed to the progressive jackpot. Once the funds reach a pre-fixed value, everyone gets a notification, and one very very lucky player, that gets five diamond mountain’s on payline number 5 will walk away with the fortune.

Expert tips

  • Don’t be a miser, don’t shy away from maximum bets, not only are they proven to payback more than lightweight bets, but they also automatically qualify you for the progressive jackpot. And trust us! You don’t want to miss out on the progressive jackpot.
  • Keen an eye out for the red ruby symbols, the more of you see them, the bigger your winnings get, these glistening red rubies need not appear on an active payline for you to win.

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