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About Elektra

Elektra is a great looking 5 reel, 20 payline slot game that is officially licensed by Marvel Comics and developed by the creative team at Playtech. What makes this game interesting is the progressive jackpot that can be won by placing a maximum bet and choosing symbols that have a value attached to them.

This game is based on the superhero movie Elektra and includes a variety of tools and gizmos used by the superhero as symbols on the reels. Many of the symbols are animated, especially the weapon symbols. For example, in the wild symbol, Elektra slashes her Sais and disappears saying “WILD”. These animations make the game really interesting to play.

Read on to find out how the game works, the payout table, expert tips, and more.

How to play

The objective of this game is quite similar to any other slot machine game. The player has to match the symbols from left to right across the different active pay-lines on the screen. The game has a progressive jackpot, with which the players can win big money by matching special symbols that have a high value attached to them. To win the progressive jackpot, it is important to remember to place a maximum bet.

The symbols used in the game include the weapons used and articles worn by Elektra. Some of the weapons are sword like twin Sais, shuriken or star shaped throwing discs, and a bow. The articles include an arm band and pendant. Card symbols with high values are also part of the game.

In Elektra, players can enable up to 20 pay-lines at once and wager up to 10 coins per pay-line, adding up to 200 coins per spin. The wagered amount will depend on the coin size ranging from 0.01 to 5.00.

Scatter payouts can be won when 2 or more Elektra logos appear on the reels. Elektra is the wild symbol and appears only on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels. This symbol does not offer any payouts.

Payout Table

Sais 5000
Shuriken 1000
Bow 1000
Arm Band 500
Pendant 500
Ace, King 200
Queen, Jack 150
Ten, Nine 100
Elektra Logo 100

Bonus rounds or gamble features

The weapons bonus round is triggered when more than 3 Elektra logo symbols appear on the reels. This round gives you a choice of 3 weapons that are used as wild symbols in free spins round.

The Sais offers 10 free spins, Shuriken star offers 14 free spins with a 2x multiplier and the bow gives you 7 free spins with a 4x multiplier. The chosen weapon symbol replaces the other two weapon symbols during the free spins. This round cannot be re-triggered. The payouts offered by Sais are much higher as compared to those offered by the other weapons.

Expert tips

  • If there are more pay-lines, select all of them as this will increase the chance of winning.
  • This game is linked to Marvel Mystery progressive jackpot and is triggered randomly. Once triggered, you are taken to a screen with 20 different symbols. Keep selecting symbols till you get three of a kind. The amount you win depends on the jackpot value of the symbols.
  • Remember, only players who place a maximum bet, qualify to win the progressive jackpot.

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