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Gold Rally

About Gold Rally

Gold Rally is a jackpot Slot brought to you by industry leaders Playtech. It is undoubtedly one of the best progressive video jackpot slots out there in the market right now. Why has Gold Rally risen above the hundreds and thousands of video slots out there? Well, that is a no-brainer! All you need to do to figure out why it so popular and why it has become so successful in such little time, is to just take a spin at it yourself.  You will quickly realize how much fun it is and how realistic your chances of going home with your pockets full are. The graphics are simply unmatched! The bonus rounds will have you on the edge of your seat and the unbelievably large lines you can bet you will get you drooling, but! It is none of these things that make Gold Rally what it is – a favorite among jackpot slot players. What really sets it apart is that it is one of the very few slots that actually pays players bigtime over and over again! It is one of the limited few progressive video jackpot slots to have paid in excess of a million dollars on several occasions.

How to play Gold Rally

Another reason Gold Rally has become so popular and continues to attract players across all ages and backgrounds is because of its comparatively gentle learning curve. Players need to spend just a few minutes to become well acquainted with the basics of the game and from there on, there is no looking back! At first glance, the game may appear to be nothing more than a customary three reel slot, but once you get playing you will realize that it is much more than that. Gold Rally obvious has the horizontal right to left or left to right pay line, but in addition to that it also has diagonal and vertical pay lines. As it is a progressive jackpot, the jackpot grows each and every time the game is played. Playing is simple, just make a selection as to how many times you would like to play and then hit spin! Let the fun begin!

Payout table

The Payout scheme in Gold Rally is pretty straight forwards and does not even require a pictorial representation to comprehend. The tables represent numbers allotted to each paying symbol. To figure out your winning all you need to do is multiply your line bet by that number. In case you have more than one paying line, multiply each line by its respective number and then just add them up for the total.

Bonus round or gamble feature               

The moment you reach a bonus round, even though it may be a little overwhelming, all you need to do is follow the instruction on the screen. You will receive awards depending on the decisions you make. You will notice a “You Win” section on the screen which displays your current winnings and also what you stand to win if you were to play multiple rounds, the additional rounds that you are offered in the bonus round can all be won and these winnings will be added to your total winnings. Another unique option that Gold Rally offers is called the “game history” which allows players to view how much they won in each of the bonus rounds.

Expert tips

  • Bonus round winnings are the real deal, to stand a chance of winning some serious money, make sure you play the base game with a maximum stake wager as the winnings in the bonus rounds are directly proportional to this wager. The bigger you bet, the bigger you win! 

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