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When casino fans are looking for a fun and enjoyable way to play table games without the need to leave the comfort of their homes, they can visit a great Playtech powered online casino and enjoy playing virtual table games. At these virtual casinos the games are developed to resemble what is generally found at land based casinos. The table game selection from this provider is more advanced than with most other providers, therefore, players will be amazed by the quality of the games.

Playtech table games are characterized by high quality and detailed graphics and excellent sound effects. They make casino fans feel as though they are sitting at a casino table in Las Vegas. If you like to get the best virtual gaming experience and a wide selection of table games, you should consider playing at one of our recommended Playtech casinos. You can also play roulette, blackjack, baccarat and other table games for free instantly on our website.

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Table Poker Varieties

The following are the table poker variations from Playtech:

  1. Casino Hold’em
    The game is played according to the Texas Hold’em rules. The difference is that in this game you play against the dealer not against other players. The game’s max win is $100.
  2. Tequila Poker
    The company introduced this game in 2006. In Tequila Poker the player is dealt four face down cards and he must decide whether to fold, make a High Tequila bet or make a Tequila Poker bet. In the former bet cards are ranked according to their blackjack value while in the later bet they are ranked according to their poker value. The highest Royal flush pays 200 to 1. 
  3. Pai Gow Poker
    In this game players are dealt seven face up cards. If they click the House Way button, the hand is immediately scored. Max win is $100.
  4. Red Dog
    The dealer places two cards and if the cards are neither consecutive nor equal, he announces the spread. Players can make an additional bet on it.
  5. Caribbean Stud Poker
    Standard rules and pay table is used. The game comes with a progressive jackpot on the royal flush.
  6. Sic Bo
    In this Asian dice game the small/big bets usually have the lowest house edge. Winning bets are paid according to the game’s pay table.
  7. Stravaganza
    The objective in this unique card game is to have a card sum that is higher than the dealer. It also has an optional bonus bet and for a hand of 3 Kings of Hearts, you win 100% of the jackpot.
  8. Poker Three
    The game is played just like Three Card Poker and full pay rules are followed. Poker Three has a generous pay table and if lucky, you can walk away with a big bankroll.
  9. Let Them Ride
    It is the same game as Let it Ride and conventional rules are followed.


This popular online casino table game is pretty action packed and can win you nice cash if you play smart. In Playtech Craps, players can make 3 times odds on the come and pass bets. The multiple on the don’t come and don’t pass bets is also 3x. The combined house advantage on the come and pass bets is 0.47%, while on the don’t come and don’t pass bets is 0.46%.

Players can also place buy and lay bets, but they have to pay a 5% commission. They can also make Place and Place to Lose bets.


The online casino software developer uses six decks of playing cards for this game as opposed to the usual eight. Players can place nine types of bets. The first three are the standard ones- bets on the banker, player or a tie. The rest bets are banker pair, player pair, either pair, perfect pair and small / big.

The either pair bet is a bet that either the banker's or player's first two cards form a pair, while a perfect pair bet predicts that either the banker's or player's first two cards form a suited pair. A small bet is when you bet that the total number of banker and player cards is 4. A big bet is when you predict that the total number of banker and player cards is 5 or 6.

Playtech Table and Card Game House Edge

The following is a list of the house edge of the table and card games from this software provider. Roulette and blackjack variations are excluded. There is a separate page for them.  

  1. Baccarat
    The game has a house edge of 1.06% on the favorable Banker bet.
  2. Caribbean Poker
    The house edge in this game is 5.22%. However, the house edge on the progressive jackpot side bet is 63.76%.
  3. Casino Hold'em
    A combination of luck and good strategy can win you great cash in this game. It has a 2.16% house edge.
  4. Craps
    A pass bet in Craps has a favorable 1.41% house edge, while a don’t pass bet has 1.36% house advantage.
  5. Pai Gow Poker
    The house edge of this game is approximately 2.75%.
  6. Red Dog
    Played with a single deck, the game has a house edge of 3.16%.
  7. Sic Bo
    The house advantage in this table game is from 2.78 to 19%. The lowest house edge bets of 2.78% are on big and small bets.
  8. Tequila Poker
    The software provider is the only one to offer this game which has a house edge of 4.45%. 
  9. Stravaganza
    Per initial bet the game has a 4.21% house edge, however, Playtech modifies its rules which increases or decreases its house edge.
  10. Poker Three
    The house edge on the Pairplus bet is 2.32%, while on the ante bet it is 3.37%.
  11. Let Them Ride
    The ante bet has a house edge of 3.51%, while the side bet has a house advantage of 13.77%.
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