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Tequila Poker

About Playtech Tequila Poker

Tequila Poker is an exciting card game specifically designed for online play at Playtech casinos. The game combines elements of both Poker and Blackjack in a new game.

Once the Ante bet is placed, the player receives 4 cards, which are dealt face up. After the cards have been dealt, you now have 3 options. One may choose to fold, and in turn lose his/her Ante bet, or either play Tequila Poker to make the highest poker hand possible, or play High Tequila and make a high point value hand.

Both the second and third options the player can choose are designated on the Playtech Tequila Poker table, and require an additional wager that is equal in value to the Ante. The player will then receive 2 more cards face up, so you’ll have 6 cards in total, but only 5 of the 6 cards can be used.

Whether or not the player has won will depend on the bets they’ve placed. If the player has chosen to make a High Tequila bet, the lowest card will be discarded, and the sum of their 5 cards will be totalled. If the player has 46 or more points, they’ll receive even money on their Ante bet, and also win additional chips based on the High Tequila payout table.

However, if the player has placed a Tequila Poker Bet, their hand value will be determined according to regular poker hand rankings. Again, the lowest value card will be discarded. If the player has a pair of Aces or better, they’ll receive even money on their Ante bet, and win additional chips based on the Tequila Poker payout table.

High Tequila-
54 200:1
53 15:1
52 7:1
51 4:1
50 3:1
49 2:1
46-48 1:1

Our Tips

So should you choose the High Tequila or Tequila Poker bet? As a general rule, if you have at least a pair, or only need one more card to make a straight/flush, you should play Tequila Poker. Consider playing High Tequila if the value of your highest 3 of the first 4 cards is 28 or more. If neither is true, then fold and wait for a better hand.

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