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Playing games at online casinos not only can be fun and exciting, but you can also walk away with pretty big cash wins. At online casinos powered by Playtech you can enjoy a big range of high quality casino games with excellent graphics. To make your stay even more enjoyable and exciting, these casinos also host a number of casino tournaments.

When new players sign up with a casino, they have the chance to take part in any of the Playtech casino tournaments available. This can be quite attractive particularly for players you want a challenge or a way to win big cash playing their favorite games.

Read on to learn more about the casino tournaments powered by this software provider and if interested, consider signing up with one of our recommended casinos where you can safely play them. We also give you a live tournament feed of current and upcoming Playtech tourneys.

What Are Casino Tournaments?

Casino tournaments are a nice way to achieve a big win without the need to put much of your pocket money at risk. As the name implies, they are played at online casinos and have a competitive character. You play against other casino players in a tournament and the best one wins pretty good cash. Usually players that are among the top 10 also get smaller cash or a casino bonus.

To take part in casino tourneys, you opt in and are given a number of casino chips to play with. Afterwards, you have a limited amount of time to try and build the largest chip stack by playing a casino game. Some tourneys require an entry fee, while others are free to enter. The various types of casino tournaments are discussed below.

Types of Casino Tournaments

Players at Playtech casinos can find several different types of casino tournaments. They might be hosted on a daily, weekly or a monthly basis. In most cases, the daily tourneys have a smaller top prize compared to the monthly ones, but they are definitely exciting to play.

Most of the tourneys are Playtech slots tournaments. This means that players play a selected slot of a few slot games. However, there are also blackjack, roulette and/or video poker tournaments. Many players have the chance to enjoy playing these games and scheduled tournaments indeed attract a lot of attention. What follows are the types of casino tournaments from this software provider.

Ticket for Entry

The majority of tourneys require a ticket to enter. This ticket is either bought or won at the casino. Some casinos might give free tournament tickets as a bonus. These types of tournaments have fixed start and end time and often have a bigger prize pool allocated to top winners.

High Roller Tournaments

These tournaments are by invitation only and are tailored for players that want to play with a lot of money. They require a larger buy-in amount but have bigger prize pools. The top winner can end up with a huge bankroll.

Free to Enter Tournaments

Casino tournaments that are free to enter are also known as freerolls. Whenever you see a scheduled freeroll, join in at the specified date and time. There is no need to buy a ticket. Freerolls generally give smaller prize cash.

Sit & Go

Casino tournaments can also be sit & go’s. They work more or less the same as poker tourneys where players eliminate each other until the final countdown between the last two players standing. You start with a certain amount of chips and when you spend them, the tourney ends for you. When there are enough players registered, the Sit & Go tourney will start.

Understanding Tournament Leader Boards

Tournament leader boards are very easy to understand. They display the current leaders in a casino tourney. The top players who have won the most during a tourney are seeded on the leader board according to their win amount.

These boards are regularly updated. For longer tournaments they are updated a couple of times in a day. Players can check where they are on the board and see if they have a chance to win or who will win the big prize. General info displayed on casino tournament leader boards is player details, their current places and win amounts.

Where to Find Tournaments

Playtech casino tournaments can be found at virtual casinos powered by this software provider. These casinos often send e-mails to players to notify them about upcoming tourneys and have a separate sector dedicated for them. Tournament information is displayed on this page such as dates, prize pools and buy-in amounts. Only registered players can opt in. On this page we give you live tournament feeds of the best casino tourneys from this provider.

How to Enter

As previously mentioned, you must be a registered player with a real money account to opt in for a casino tournament. You can then select a tourney from those hosted. Most of them are open to all players with the exception of invitational tournaments.

If it’s a freeroll tourney, you don’t have to pay to enter, but you must sign up through the casino website. Once you register for a tourney event, the casino will send you details on when it will start, how much it costs and whether there are re-buys.

Tips for Winning

Winning in casino tournaments can be very easy. In most cases you need luck. The winner is the player who has performed the best during the event. For example, in a slots tourney the winner is the one who has managed to win the most on a slot game by pressing the Spin button the fastest. In a blackjack tourney, however, you might also need good blackjack playing strategies. Therefore, make sure you understand the tournament rules and how winners will be chosen. The rules will also reveal information on who will get a portion of the prize pool.

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