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Aces and Faces

About Playtech Aces and Faces Video Poker

Among all the different video poker variations that Playtech has put out, one of the most interesting and exciting is Aces and Faces. The game is the same – video poker, but the way it is played is slightly different from the others. The basics are the same: players need to put together a winning hand across two successive deals. There are no wild cards either; so what makes this game different? The difference is that payouts are triggered only on combinations of pairs of Face cards – Jack, Queen, and King – and the Aces. The maximum payout from this game is 4000 coins on a maximum bet. The hand that gives this payout, in combination with the maximum bet, is the Royal Flush.

The game is played using a regular deck containing 52 cards. The minimum bet per line is 0.05, while the maximum is 5. The maximum bet in this game is 25.

Bonus Round or Gamble Feature

Like all other video poker games from Playtech, Aces and Faces also has the Gamble feature. This feature gives players a chance to increase their winnings from a particular hand. On winning a hand, a pop-up appears with three options:

  • Double: Gives a shot at doubling their winnings. Could also cause the player to lose all he won in the hand.
  • Double Half: Gives a shot at increasing their winnings by half the original amount. Player could lose half the original amount as well.
  • Collect: Bypass the gamble and collect the amount won at the end of the hand

Once the Gamble feature is in play, the player is dealt 5 fresh cards. One of them is open while the others are closed. The player needs to pick one of the four closed cards with a value higher than that of the open card. The Gamble feature remains in play till the player collects or picks the wrong card.

Expert Tips

The main thing about playing Aces and Faces is to be able to make the correct call regarding the cards to hold. This can be especially tricky, given that only face cards and the aces in pairs are the least winning hands. Getting a great hand is half the story; the other half is to be able to win big. And that can happen only if you bet big amounts. The ideal bet in such a situation would be the maximum bet every now and then to ensure you continue to win decent amounts. A good strategy could be to mix it up with smaller bets during the course of the game, so that you can play longer and win more.

How to Play Playtech Aces and Faces

The first step to playing Aces and Faces for real money is to place the bet. Players can do this by choosing the appropriate coin denomination. Once this is done, they choose from one of two options available – Bet One and Bet Max. The next step is to click the Deal button.

The player is dealt 5 cards. He chooses which cards to hold and which to reject. The rejected cards are replaced by fresh cards, and the player wins if the right cards come together in the right combinations. If he wins, he is given the Gamble option to increase his winnings if he wants.

So what are the hands that can ensure wins for the player? They are listed below:

  • J-Q-K-A Pairs
  • 2 Pair
  • 3 of a Kind
  • Straight
  • Flush
  • Full House
  • Four of a Kind J-Q-K
  • Four of a Kind 2 - 10,
  • Straight flush
  • Four of a Kind - Aces
  • Royal Flush

Players can also customize the screen to make it comfortable for them. Customization is available for:

  • Game settings
  • Audio settings
  • General settings

Players can also check game history.

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