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Joker Poker

About Playtech Joker Poker

There are a number of video poker games from Playtech, and one of the popular games from them is Joker Poker. Joker Poker is a lot of fun and gives players a shot at some cool wins. Players need to form a winning hand over two consecutive deals; as simple as that. And to help things along, the game has the Joker, which acts as a wild card, making it easy for players to put together winning hands when it pops up. To ensure things are not too easy, the counterbalance is the rule that you need a minimum of a pair of Kings to win. The maximum payout is huge for this game, at 5000 coins. A player needs to bet maximum and put together a Natural Royal Flush hand to get that big win.

The game of Joker Poker from Playtech is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. The minimum bet per line is 0.5, while the maximum is 25. Players have the option of changing their bids for each game to ensure they manage their bankroll efficiently.

Bonus Round or Gamble Feature

All video poker games from Playtech have the Gamble feature, a cool feature that gives players a shot at increasing their winnings depending on what they choose. The Gamble feature comes into play when a player puts together a winning hand and wins money. At that point, the player is given the Gamble option, which he can use to either double his winnings or increase it by half. Conversely, he could also lose all his winnings from that hand, or lose it by half, again depending on the choice he makes.

When the Gamble feature comes into play, the player gets three options to choose from:

  • Double: Allows him to double his winnings, or lose it all.
  • Double Half: Allows him to increase his winnings by half, or lose half of it.
  • Collect: Allows him to just keep what he won.

If the player selects the first two options, the screen clears and 5 new cards are dealt. One of them is open, while the others are hidden. The player then needs to flip one of these cards to get one that is higher in value than the open card. If he does, he wins double the amount, given that he chose the Double option. If he chose Double Half, the right flip increases his winnings by half the original amount won. If he loses, he either loses all he won on the earlier hand or loses half, again depending on what he chose. The Gamble feature is in play either till the player loses or till he collects.

Expert Tips

Joker Poker is fun and played with the aim of scoring a win by putting together a winning hand. While the joker is wild and helps players put together winning hands, the minimum hand required to win is a pair of Kings. Choosing the right card(s) to hold is important as that can be the difference between a winning and a losing hand.

Playing the maximum bet may be a good way for a player to ensure that he gets the maximum payout or at least a good win. If longevity is a priority over winning big, the best approach would be to bet small and look to win consistently.

How to Play Playtech Joker Poker

To play Joker Poker for real money, players must first place their bets. Once they have chosen the coin denomination, they can choose between two options available: Bet One and Bet Max. The next step is to click Deal.

The player is dealt 5 cards. He needs to choose which card(s) to hold and which to reject. He is dealt fresh cards in place of the rejected cards, and any winning hands that are formed as a result ensure a payout. A winning hand also opens up the Gamble feature, which the player can accept or bypass.

Players are also able to engage in some level of customization. Customization is available for:

  • General settings
  • Audio settings
  • Volume
  • Game settings

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